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Madalyn Beck invites you to peer into yourself while delving into her latest collection of poetry. Her poems are a fantastical introspection, inviting you to remember who you were and telling you who you could yet be. Her beautifully lyrical prose glimpses beyond the harsh truth of everyday life and reminds us that the world isn’t just how we see it; it’s what we make it. Life is more than survival; it’s a human experience that often seems otherworldly until we step beyond the boundaries set by convention and realize that we are each greater than the sum of our trials.

May the words inside help find your own wings and give you the courage to fly. 


Within the pages of this wonderful collection, Poetic Embers by Madalyn Beck, you will find a heartbeat. A poetic heart beating to the rhythm of life and all that comes with it. The ups and downs of emotions will converge as the lines reach out and grab you, having their way with you, teasing you and well, providing a smooth surface that you will reflect upon. The poems you will read in Poetic Embers will stir old memories, bring light to new experiences and walk with you as a new day begins…and if you’re not careful, the heartbeat you hear when lost among these fabulous thoughts, ideas and collected phrases, might just be your own.

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  • Above all else, I wanted the world to know that I was no longer afraid. I would no longer tremble under its weight. From here on out, I would be the one to make the earth shake.
I hope you are all having an incredible weekend. I've been enjoying the beautiful autumn weather with my best man.
  • Three words just aren't enough.
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  • Some will grow upset and agitated at your boundaries. That in itself is a red flag.
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  • We encounter so much in our lives that sometimes we don't consider what is truly good for us in the long run. Maybe that is why the storms come.
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  • Do you ever feel this way? Or do you have someone you trust with your most vulnerable parts?