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I will be turning the big 3-0 soon. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I hate getting older. On the other, I feel so much more freedom with who I am, where I am going, and the things I want to accomplish. So, for the most part, I guess you could say I'm feeling pretty darn good about it. My health is only getting better since the injury. In…

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  • Above all else, I wanted the world to know that I was no longer afraid. I would no longer tremble under its weight. From here on out, I would be the one to make the earth shake.
I hope you are all having an incredible weekend. I've been enjoying the beautiful autumn weather with my best man.
  • Three words just aren't enough.
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  • Some will grow upset and agitated at your boundaries. That in itself is a red flag.
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  • We encounter so much in our lives that sometimes we don't consider what is truly good for us in the long run. Maybe that is why the storms come.
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  • Do you ever feel this way? Or do you have someone you trust with your most vulnerable parts?