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I want to take a minute to discuss chiropractors. It has been over a year of chiropractor visits. While they all followed the same method of care - which I will discuss in a moment - they all went about offering care to me in very different ways. First of all, the chiropractors I have seen all follow the activator method. This is probably the best method, I believe. They use a tool that reminds…

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  • Let them speak against you. Let them tell the world that you are terrible. Let them rip your reputation apart with their tongue.
Then walk with your head high.
Because, darling, they just showed their colors. Not yours.
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  • Tag your sisters!
Sometimes I goof around with my friends and make pledges out of our sisterhood. 🖤
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  • It's not always about what you want to do. Sometimes we don't want to, we feel we shouldn't have to, but we must. We must in order to learn. We must in order to grow. We must in order to excel.
Do not tread lightly. Do not allow others to walk over you. Do not give up your chance.
Do what you NEED to do.
And get it done.
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  • We are all different and unique. We have our own quirks, likes, dislikes, and passions. No one person is the same. So it is okay that it doesn't work with everyone. It is okay that some people just don't care to be around you. It is okay that our unique form does not mesh well with the billions of other people.
That is life. And it should not make you be any less proud to be who you are.
Shine on, my darling. 🖤
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  • It's definitely Monday. And after watching the GOT finale this morning, I have lingering dragon vibes. I will not spoil anything unlike some of those lovely people on twitter who will now suffer my cyber glare for all of eternity... Not that they care. 
Hope you all have a fantastic day!
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  • The people who love you and truly care about you will recognize that you need space and time to take care of yourself. That you cannot pour from an empty cup.
The people who only think of themselves and will lash out calling you selfish for spending time with yourself. For not putting their wants before your own needs.
Do not apologize for taking care of yourself. 
Their insecurities have nothing to do with you.
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  • How many times do you forgive someone for the same lies and disrespect? I usually offer 3 strikes, then they're out. Works in baseball. 😂 
Anyone who demands my forgiveness and tells me that I am just supposed to forgive them no matter what or how many times clearly does not respect me as a person. Because if they did, they would not keep doing the same stuff that hurts me over and over with no apology.

Know your boundaries. Know your limits. Let them be known to those around you. And if anyone crosses your line in the sand on countless occasions, do not be afraid to push them back over and never speak to them again.
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  • Five years ago, I didn't know that you existed. Five years ago, you were born. Five years ago, the world grew a little brighter because you had arrived. We didn't know it then, but we do now. I can honestly say that you are so loved by everyone who has met you and even some of those who have not. You are the silliest and sweetest dog, but you are also my travel buddy and my best man. Thank you for entering the world five years ago, and I pray you remain for many more. Happy birthday, Ferro! I love you, Bubs. With all my heart. 💙