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Behind the Writer

Madalyn Beck writes poetry and prose which has been shared on numerous platforms visible to people all over the world. She has also had her work featured on Word Porn, Wordables, Your Tango, and Thought Nova.

Madalyn Beck and Ferro

Poetry has always been a release for me to get life off my chest. Writing came easy when my tongue could not manage to form the words tangled in my throat. It was the only practice that allowed me to breathe freely without feeling as though there was no outlet for the thoughts and feelings stirring within. Pen and paper became an avenue to freedom.

My novels are where the hidden bits of my soul rest. These are a work in progress, but something I am thrilled to share. The characters I create are flawed yet diligent, and I believe that is the truest testament of all people.

Driven by my night terrors, I write to inspire and motivate others to fight the good fight, never give up, and never give in. While delving into the darkest parts of my past and the truth of humanity, I enjoy telling tales of the truly terrible and seemingly insurmountable trials that threaten to bring every person to their knees.

Whether it is through prose or stories, I hope to invigorate those who feel as if the world is crumbling with nowhere to turn that there is always hope if there is faith.

Sometimes that belief is the only thing that allows us to make it out alive.


While I am not writing or working my day job, you can usually find me out with Ferro or curled up with a book. I try to read a minimum of 50 books a year to not only escape from reality but also to learn new techniques and expand my knowledge on numerous subjects.