Hues of You by Madalyn Beck

2019 – A Reflection

  1. Family moments. Go on a road trip with your dad. It will make one of the best memories. 
  2. Get outside as often as you can. Travel across the country. Hike any trail, even if it’s a paved path, and get lost a little bit. Start small and work your way up. Nothing heals quite like nature.
  3. Your health matters most. This goes for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. All of it. Put your health and wellbeing first. This will allow you to live a full and happy life.
  4. Take the risk. Change your job to something else entirely. Alter the course of your goals. Shift your plans. If the urge is there, dig into it and discover the possibilities. You might just find some you didn’t even know you would love.
  5. People will always reveal their true colors and intentions. It might break you to see that under the pretty mask is a cold, dead heart of someone who only uses and abuses. The fact is, their true nature will always appear with time. Don’t blame yourself for not seeing it sooner, but act on it when that red flag flies. Lift your hand and say goodbye.
  6. Stay focused. Distraction will pull you this way and that. It is okay to change your mind, but do not forget to hone in on what it is you truly, madly, deeply want out of life, and CHASE IT.
  7. People can be the worst. Let go of those who don’t want you to put yourself first, who drain you, lie repeatedly to get attention, never take responsibility for their actions, blame you for things they do. These people are not good for anyone.
  8. People can be the best. Surround yourself only with people who love you for all that you are, even the parts they don’t understand. The ones who are your cheerleaders, your confidants, and a haven for your heart. Fill your life with those who love and respect you in word and action.
2020 Goals
  1. Healing. I want to be in a position where I am not having pain daily. My goal is to get to a point where I can work throughout the day without needing to take regular breaks to ease the ache. I want to live without restraints.
  2. Fitness. I used to dance, practice yoga, go to the gym, and try new sports/activities regularly. Since the injury (nearly 4 years ago), I have not been able to do any of this. This year, with the help of my doctors, a personal trainer, and friends, I plan to get back into fitness slowly as to not reinjure myself. But I will be active again.
  3. Writing. I have found some fun ways to test my abilities and push myself to new limits. With the help of a couple of other writer friends, we will hold each other accountable and push our limits.
  4. Road trip. I have high hopes for a road trip to take with Ferro out west where we explore three states that we have not yet visited. Maybe – if possible – travel somewhere with my best friend, or at least plan something when they might be able to make it work.
  5. Reading. Currently, I am trying to decide how many books I want to try to read for this coming year, but it will be many. As part of this, I will be cutting back on television to fill my heart and mind with content filled with depth and substance.
  6. More time with loved ones. I would like to spend more time with the people who mean the most to me. Unfortunately, those people seem to live all over and in different states or countries, so it might not be face to face. But even if it’s a phone or video call, I will dedicate to spending more time interacting with them regularly.

If you are willing, share some of your goals for the coming year in the comments!


May this next year be filled with the happiness you’ve desired. Go after it full force with determination and a fearless spirit. Do not allow anything to grip your heart and hold you back from the things that you love the most. Move with grace and respect toward everyone around you, and practice kindness in a way that leaves them wondering if you are made of magic. Allow goodness encompass your heart and fire awaken your soul. Go out there, darling, and ignite. The year waits for your flame.



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