I want to take a minute to discuss chiropractors. It has been over a year of chiropractor visits. While they all followed the same method of care – which I will discuss in a moment – they all went about offering care to me in very different ways.

First of all, the chiropractors I have seen all follow the activator method. This is probably the best method, I believe. They use a tool that reminds me of a mini hammer. Only with this tool, they press a button and the little hammer piece moves down and hits the point where they need to make the adjustment.

Chiropractor 1

The very first chiropractor I saw last year was great and did help, but he was intent on manually adjusting me because my entire body was so out of alignment after my injury. I did not realize this was not the right thing to do at the time because it was helping… I was feeling the shift.

Another thing I began to notice after a while was that he no longer seemed to “progress” with care. It felt as though he just kept offering the same adjustments every time and that we were heading nowhere.

Chiropractor 2

While this chiropractor was very active in using the tool to make adjustments throughout my body, he still manually adjusted my neck. I was happy that he was using the tool more as I came to feel the difference between this chiropractor and the one before. Until something terrifying happened…

For a few days after seeing this chiropractor, I noticed that I could no longer sit or stand for very long. I would get shooting pains from the base of my neck that seemed to sprout fingers and wrap around my skull. The pain grew so intense that I called the chiropractor. They asked me to come in immediately.

Turns out, after his previous adjustment – remember, he did all manual work on my neck – that he ended up twisting my neck to the point where it could no longer support my head. He fixed it that day, but I was terrified of anymore manual work.

Chiropractor 3

I decided to search for another chiropractor. There was one listed under the insurance company that had excellent reviews and wasn’t far away from me, so I decided to give him a try.

I have never been happier. This guy is ALL AND ONLY activator method. Not only does he use the tool to adjust the certain points that are out of alignment, but he uses it with the muscles and joints. I lie on the table as the tool clicks all over my hips and legs, up my spine, between my ribs, along my shoulders and arms, and up my neck to where he takes extra care and attention. He noticed that something was very tender and out of whack there without my having to tell him of my experience with the previous chiropractors.

In the few months of seeing this chiropractor, I have made more progress than the 9 months with the others combined.

Upcoming fears

Now with a move coming up in less than a month, I dread not finding another chiropractor like him. I will see him only a few more times before I head out of this state, and I wonder if I will continue to make the type of progress I have made here.

He gave me some pointers in searching for someone like him, and I only hope I can find someone who is even half as good as he is. For the most part, the rest of this healing is on me. I need to continue working on building up my strength to hold the adjustments the chiropractors make. Hopefully one day I will no longer need chiropractic care.

If you’re wanting more information on my healing process, I will be releasing a chapbook of the injury and healing that I have gone through these past three years. Keep your eyes peeled!



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