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I have poetry books. I don’t advertise them much because I’m always growing, so I tend to gradually like my old books less and less. I’m always trying to do more and better my craft. So I do have books, but they are a few years old. I have grown so much since then. I’m more excited about what is to come. These past creations will always be buried treasures and I will hold them close for the rest of my days. As I progressed, each one transformed with me. My style evolved and developed into something I never expected. I’m enjoying the growth and change as I read through the pages and see the shift. The subtle hints that these pieces are still me, the same person, but also someone who isn’t afraid to try other things.

The new things…

The truth is, I’ve been working on a couple of other poetry collections for the last few years. One is a chapbook and the other is a full poetry book. These coming books have been difficult to write. They delve into parts that are not easy to talk about and confront, especially in the midst of what this world is becoming – hostile at other opinions. But they are coming, and I am thrilled for you to see them.

The first one I will release discusses my 3+ year journey, from injury of paralysis and the road to healing. Honestly, I am still going through a lot to heal from the extent of the injury, but the progress I’ve made is staggering. The pieces in this collection were hard to write, some were harder realities I needed to confront, but I’m proud of this collection.

It will be coming before the end of the year.

Then there is something else…

Again, I have been working to develop who I am as a writer. I have been writing novels and creating worlds in my mind and on paper for the characters who feel as though they are split from my soul. Each piece creating a unique character. They are real to me and the stories are based on my reality.

This will be a side that most of those who read my prose will probably be shocked to see. I go to places that many do not realize I harbor within.

It is dark there. Enter if you dare.



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